76th month (October 2010)

This month Peter worked on the dinette seats and started on the rear axle repair.

October 2010
The second seat is almost complete
October 2010 Trying to remove the brake drum
October 2010 The passenger rear axel scrubbed up well October 2010 Brake shoes refitted
October 2010 These are 'S' cam air brakes October 2010 The drum is ready to be put back on

77th month (November 2010)

This month Peter fixed the driver's side rear axel oil seal.

November 2010
Needed to remove the driver side drive axel. Using a BIG hammer worked. It was an 8 lb sledge hammer ;-)
November 2010 Now there is a big hole

November 2010 Which Peter covered when not working on it

November 2010 "Now there's your problem!"

The oil seal leaked the diff oil. What a mess.
November 2010 After buying a BIG (4" hub nut) socket, the hub nut was 'easy' to remove. Looks like someone previously has attacked the lock nut with a hammer and chisel. November 2010 The old 'leaking' oil seal

November 2010 Peter removed the old oil seal and replaced it with a new one. One that QDS has laying on the shelf. It amazes me just how common the replacement parts are. November 2010 It is a Rockwell rear axel and they are very common.
The axel shaft is refitted.

November 2010 The brake shoes are back on

November 2010 Ready for the brake drum.
Peter fitted the drum and wheels, and adjusted the slack adjusters.
Job done. :-)

78th month (December 2010)

Christmas break - No photos this month

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