70th month (April 2010)

This month Peter cleaned and painted the bin area.

April 2010 Cleared the bin area April 2010 Making it ready for painting
April 2010 Plenty of space for water tanks etc... April 2010 Masked the area.
April 2010 And the other side too April 2010 And covered some cables inside
April 2010 Done. April 2010 A little darker than we wanted
April 2010 But it looks nice anyway

April 2010 And more importantly it'll keep the rust away.

71st month (May 2010)

This month Peter...

May 2010 Finally we can place the map

May 2010 We have had this map for years for this purpose.
May 2010 Time to work inside. The ceiling first.

May 2010
We are flattening the roof. This will also create a space for running wires.
May 2010
Testing with a white panel
May 2010
Later the entire ceiling will be white.

72nd month (June 2010)

This month Peter started on the dinette seats.

The dinette seats

Test fitting the wood

There is a large storage space under the seat.

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