67th month (January 2010)

The motorhome is for sale, officially, as Peter listed it in the Motorhome Trader for two months.

January 2010 January 2010
January 2010 January 2010

68th month (February 2010)

The motorhome is still for sale. Last month.

February 2010 Finished insulating the ceiling February 2010 And finished the rear wall
February 2010
Screwed the kids camping bunk bed to the wall.

69th month (March 2010)

Well the motorhome has not sold. We will try to finish it ourself.

Trying out an idea for the ceiling

We will flatten the ceiling. This gives us space for cables.
We would lose too much head room if we were to flatten the entire ceiling.

So we will use a step. We then have the option of placing the LED lights in the step and shine over the centre ceiling section.

The 3mm MDF panel seems to bend into the curve.

For the wall we are considering two options.

Panel the wall with 'brown' MDF panels and then using vinyl.

Or we cover the wall with glossy white ply panels.

The vinyl option is more expensive, but would be more kids proof.

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