61st month (July 2009)

This month Peter continued on the rear wheels, arch, and levelling jacks.

July 2009 The rear axel painted. July 2009 Another view
July 2009
Here is the rear jack (passenger side)
July 2009
The rear wheels masked
July 2009 And painted white July 2009
The air bag guards with new flaps
July 2009 The passenger rear wheels July 2009 The outside is almost done
July 2009 Now to start on the driver side July 2009 Before starting...
July 2009
A bit of work to do
July 2009
And from the other direction
July 2009
The air bag removed to clean the air bag suspension
July 2009
The rear jack plate welded on - test fit

July 2009
Cold gal applied

July 2009
And the rear arch painted. Includes under-body deadener
July 2009
All done. ...After
July 2009 Time to mark-off around the engine bay
July 2009 And paint it July 2009 Driver side rear complete
July 2009 All rear air bags replaced with new ones July 2009 New air bag and air brake cylinder fitted

62nd month (August 2009)

This month Peter finished the rear suspension and the levelling system.

August 2009
The front air bags area cleaned and painted
August 2009 This is the air bag bell - also painted
August 2009 Air bag fitted on the bell ready to go back on the front August 2009
Back on and air bag is pressurised

August 2009 Done - ready to fit the levelling pump August 2009
The rear completed with signs
August 2009 Fitted the levelling system pump

August 2009
The box on the ceiling allows the two batteries to be split. The pump need 12v, but the motorhome is 24v. The pump is connected to one battery, and this box keeps it equally charged with the other battery.
August 2009 The front lifted-up August 2009
The front jack extended

63rd month (September 2009)

This month Peter took the Mammoth motorhome home...

September 2009 Added front blinds September 2009
The inside needs a clean-up
September 2009 Ready for our first short trip September 2009 Going for a ~250 km trip
September 2009
This is Summerset dam (lake)

September 2009 On the way back a tyre blew. So now it has two new tyres for the front.
September 2009 The inside clean - looking towards the front September 2009
and towards the rear. Plenty of space.
September 2009
The Mammoth motorhome parked at home.

September 2009 And then we ran out of money... To be continued...

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