55th month (January 2009)

This month Peter mounted the rear and side lights.

January 2009 The front indicator... If Peter can make it fit. The curve does not match. January 2009
This is the hydraulic leveller pump unit (in the middle)
January 2009
These are the front and rear jacks
January 2009
The front jack where Peter will 'attach' it.
January 2009 The family is eager for the project to be finished. They are ready for the big trip. January 2009 We glued the clearance lights. The tape holds them while the glue sets.
January 2009 All the lights are in-place. January 2009 View from the front.
January 2009 Passenger side view. January 2009 Taken from the front.
January 2009
We like this combination.

January 2009
Or this one. But I think the floor may be a little too red.
January 2009
Here the floor maybe too dark.
January 2009
Maybe too much blue.

56th month (February 2009)

This month Peter worked to wire up the lights. This takes some time, but there is not much to show in photos.

February 2009
Before the light was connect to the loom.

February 2009
The wires are connected and pulled through ducting.
February 2009 Light test February 2009 Without the camera's flash
February 2009
Rear lights
February 2009
February 2009 Rear sealed February 2009 With a plate from underneath
February 2009 The side clearance lights February 2009 wiring protected by a garden hose.

57th month (March 2009)

This month Peter mounted and wired more lights and started on the wiper system.

March 2009 Front top clearance lights March 2009 Close-up and turned on
March 2009 New indicator switch March 2009 Wiper system test mounted
March 2009
Front air suspension seats...
March 2009
connected to motorhome air system
March 2009 The other side March 2009 Passenger side

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