49th month (July 2008)

This month Peter...

July 2008
We filled the gaps...

July 2008 to stop any exhaust fumes from coming in the back.
July 2008 It is ready for the fibreglass panel. July 2008 and here it is.
July 2008 Peter cleaned the inside July 2008 It was quiet messy.
July 2008 The panel is bogged and painted. July 2008 The rear door frame has a test fit.
July 2008 Side engine door frame. July 2008 What it used to look like.
July 2008
Frames for the passenger bin.

July 2008 and the hole for the passenger bin. (Near the front)
July 2008 The open area. July 2008 With the frame being test fitted.

50th month (August 2008)

This month Peter...

August 2008
The frame is welded
August 2008 Peter made a tray for it.
August 2008

In the mean time he designed the engine door skins (This one is the rear door)
August 2008
And made the rear door frame.

August 2008
While waiting for the engine door skins to be made, Peter glued the last of the floor boards down.
August 2008
This is the drive and passenger cabin.

August 2008 Time to skin the passenger bin door. August 2008 And mount the door locks.
August 2008
This is the passenger side bin door.

August 2008 Testing fitting the bin doors. They still need the inside metal skin.
August 2008
Looking from the other angle.

August 2008 After two weeks the engine door skins arrive. This is 3mm aluminium sheet.
August 2008 Peter glued them to their frames and this is a test fit of the side engine door. August 2008 Next month all of the doors will be hung and struts made and fitted.

51st month (September 2008)

This month is hang door month...

September 2008 Under passenger door hung September 2008
Side engine door hung
September 2008 Rear engine door hung September 2008 Other side engine door hung
September 2008 Made tabs for the door locks September 2008 And for the rear door, too.
September 2008 Under passenger bin door trimmed. September 2008 Second bin door hung (the left one).
September 2008
Door in the open position.

September 2008 And the last bin door on driver side hung (one the left)
September 2008
Peter started mounting the rear lights
September 2008 The outside is nearing completion.
September 2008 Two more bin doors to finish. September 2008 Both were skinned on the inside.

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