52nd month (October 2008)

This month Peter hung the mirrors and researched where to place the lights.

October 2008 Fitted the door lock properly October 2008 with special 'nutserts'.
October 2008 Fitted the fuel filler October 2008 Lots of diesel will go through here
October 2008
The outside mirrors are finally
October 2008
mounted on both sides.
October 2008 Look closely and you can see where the clearance and indicator lights go. October 2008
However, Peter has moved the markers around slightly.
October 2008 The outside is looking more and more complete.

53rd month (November 2008)

This month Peter... mounted some outside lights. The rest of the month was spent looking for a new house to rent.

November 2008
November 2008 The lights are mounted, not wired yet.
November 2008
Side clearance LED light
November 2008 Side clearance light (top) and indicator
November 2008 Side clearance lights and indicators November 2008 The lights are glued on.

54th month (December 2008)

This month Peter... painted the roof. Moved house so very little motorhome work done the last two months. :-(

December 2008 Unpainted. December 2008 Front unpainted
December 2008 Painted with reflecta-shield, December 2008 this is a thermal reflecting paint.

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