46th month (April 2008)

This month Peter mounted the dinette frames.

Month 46 Brackets and plates for the dinette seat mounts. Month 46
Test fitting the dinette seat

Month 46 The mounting brackets and plates are welded in place. Month 46
And sealed with Sikaflex.

Month 46
The floorboard complete with the mounting holes.
Month 46
This shows the dinette frame mounted

Month 46 Notice the holes in front of the dinette frame. Month 46 The front bumper mounts are painted black.
Month 46 This will be covered next month Month 46 and this too.

47th month (May 2008)

Continued to work on the bin doors.

Month 47 (May 2008) After the interruption with the seat mounts, it is back to the bin doors. Month 47 (May 2008) The metal skin is glued on the inside of the bin door.
Month 47 (May 2008) The inside skin is in two sections Month 47 (May 2008)
It is glued on too.
Month 47 (May 2008)
A little bog to smooth the overlap

Month 47 (May 2008) The door is done... it will be painted when it is hanging.
Month 47 (May 2008) The door is hung with a Centaflex hinge. We did have a problem and need to buy new struts. The old once are too strong. Month 47 (May 2008)
The electrical panel door is hung, too.

Month 47 (May 2008) It finally happened, the old batteries died. Month 47 (May 2008)
So, here are the new batteries.
Month 47 (May 2008)
Time to work on the rear.

Month 47 (May 2008) We needed to change the frame to fit the lights.
Month 47 (May 2008) Cut... Month 47 (May 2008) Cut...

48th month (June 2008)

Working on the rear and inside on the floor near the front.

Month 48 (June 2008)
Ahh, that's better

Month 48 (June 2008) Then the rain started, so we had to move inside.
Month 48 (June 2008)
At long last we can finish this area.
Month 48 (June 2008) Insulation in, floorboard glued down, done. :-)
Month 48 (June 2008)
In the mean time, our friendly window man came over and finished the windows.
Month 48 (June 2008) There, doesn't that look just fantastic. Still missing the bumper/bull bar.
Month 48 (June 2008) Back on the rear. Made pans for the lights. Month 48 (June 2008)
That should protect them nicely.
Month 48 (June 2008)
Glued the panels on
Month 48 (June 2008)
A close-up
Month 48 (June 2008)
Bog on the corner blends the rear header with the bottom panels.
Month 48 (June 2008)
Some paint. The rear header still needs to be painted.
Month 48 (June 2008) This is the end result. Month 48 (June 2008) Ready for the rear lights.
Month 48 (June 2008)
Finally back on this job.
Month 48 (June 2008) Side panel glued on and insulation...
Month 48 (June 2008) put in and the panel glued on. Month 48 (June 2008) The same of the passenger side.
Month 48 (June 2008)
All done. :-)

Month 48 (June 2008) Next, for the front, is the cabin floor. But there is a job under the floor first (next month).
Month 48 (June 2008) This beam is 1.6mm sheet bent into the shape you see here. Month 48 (June 2008) It will hold the fibreglass panel above and rear engine door below.
Month 48 (June 2008)
Next month this should be finished.

Month 48 (June 2008) The 'beam' is flat underneath and follows the rest of the engine bay ceiling.

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