43rd month (January 2008)

Due to rain and other commitments, not much happened this month.

January 2008 The Motorhome is outside!
January 2008 Fitted the centre door lock January 2008 Flush on the outside
January 2008 Test fitting the bin door frames. January 2008 One bin door is panelled.

44th month (February 2008)

Continued to work on the bin doors. Progress is very slow. Constant rain and other interruptions.

February 2008 All the bin doors this side are panelled. February 2008 Then the edges need to be fixed.
February 2008 Finally after two months... February 2008 the front windscreens are in!
February 2008
Looks very nice.
February 2008 The bottom windows are 1.1x1.1 meters.
February 2008 The view will be spectacular when we hit the road. February 2008 This is the driver's view

February 2008 A little port for some air or pay toll, etc... February 2008 This is the fully open position.

45th month (March 2008)

Working on Dinette frames and more bin doors and engine doors work.

March 2008 Peter cut all of the pieces for the two dinette frames March 2008 This is the first base frame

March 2008 And the second too. March 2008

March 2008 March 2008
March 2008 All done. Well sort of. March 2008 A quick test fit in the motorhome
March 2008
Powder coated

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