37th month (July 2007)

Gluing side fibreglass around the windows.

Before we can glue the panels, the insulation is put in and the frame is Sika primed.
July The panel is Sika primed too. Then the panel is glued to the frame. This is the first side panel!
July Continuing to glue panels on. July And above and below the window.
July This side is almost finished July The other side about halfway done
July View from inside. July The driver side
July The passenger side July View from inside

38th month (August 2007)

Finding and ordering exterior lights and rest of fibreglass panels

August Windows are in and closed August and open (as far as they can)
August Built-in blinds closed August and open
August The driver side. August The front vent arrived
August And the external lights arrived August All using LED technology

Time to work on the front
August 2007 Front plate welded on - complete with air vents.
August 2007 Wiper

39th month (September 2007)

Gluing rest of fibreglass panels and holidays

September 2007 Front plate finished. September 2007 The front roof panel glued...
September 2007 and clamped... September 2007 and clamped.
September 2007
The front header glued on.
September 2007 Almost ready for the windscreens
September 2007 The roof hatches go in. The back one is right above the main bed. September 2007

Roof hatches closed
September 2007 The roof hatch with surround (open) September 2007 The roof hatches wide open.
September 2007

With flyscreen and blind halfway.
September 2007 This is the large rear hatch (above the main bed)

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