40th month (October 2007)

Continuing to clad the motorhome's outside sides

Month 40 Frame ready for fibreglass. Month 40 In goes the polystyrene (50mm)
Month 40 The frame is primed Month 40 and so is the fibreglass panel.
Month 40 Before it is glued on. We did the same for all fibreglass panels. Month 40
Panel around rear wheels
Month 40
Our fibreglasser fixed the front pillars
Month 40 and the roof join.
Month 40
Close-up of pillar
Month 40
Month 40 Finished the black panels Month 40
and the other side done too.
Month 40
More panels glued on
Month 40 Bonded side window goes here.

41st month (November 2007)

This was a short month due to the birth of our new baby.

Month 41
Added a panel around the door
Month 41 Front wheel panel glued on
Month 41 The passenger side is done. Except for the rear corner. Month 41
Centre door is panelled.
Month 41 Door closed Month 41 Door, umm, open.

42nd month (December 2007)

This month we continue gluing fibreglass panels on. One of them is 11 meters long.

Month 42 Before... Month 42 The frame is primed.
Month 42
11 meter panel is primed and ready
Month 42 and it is glued on.
Month 42 Month 42
Month 42
Peter moved the motorhome
Month 42
and this is the rear.
Month 42
Time to work on the inside.
Month 42
The ceiling is filled with 40mm thick polystyrene.
Month 42 The walls are filled with 50mm thick polystyrene. Month 42 The walls are ready for the next stage.
Month 42 Month 42

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