73rd month (July 2010)

This month Peter's wife was sick. So no motorhome progress.

And the camera was broken, so no photos.

74th month (August 2010)

This month Peter installed some lights in the motorhome and painted the front window frame black.

August 2010 Photo from new camera Pentax X90 August 2010

Panorama photo
August 2010 New glass in the speedo. Looks like new August 2010
Light switch. (temporary)
August 2010
Some temporary lights inside

August 2010 A little light above the door. Only about 1/2 watt, can be left on all night
August 2010 Low power lights inside (2 watts total for entire inside of motorhome) August 2010 These are for 'night' lights. There is enough light to walk around and even read.
August 2010
Frames painted flat black
August 2010
Driver side
August 2010 August 2010

75th month (September 2010)

This month Peter continued with the dinette seats and worked on the brakes and fixed some oil leaks.

September 2010
The first dinette seat is done
September 2010
This one has a pocket at the back
September 2010
The seat folds down

September 2010 And the space underneath has already been filled. :-)
September 2010
Oil seeping past the rocker cover gasket

September 2010 Here are four exhaust valves and one 'C60' injector per cylinder
September 2010 A clean-up and new gasket later, it is all nice and dry. September 2010 The diff too has a little oil leak. It too has been cleaned.
Experimenting with LED lights...

September 2010 24W 300 LED 5 meter light string
Locked camera settings.

September 2010 72W 300 LED 5 meter light string

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