79th month (January 2011)

No photos this month

80th month (February 2011)

This month a look at the motorhome.

February 2011 Outside February 2011
Inside - looking towards the back
February 2011 Some kids (camping) bunk beds fitted February 2011 Three seats on the driver side
February 2011 And three on the passenger side February 2011 The cabin has roller blinds
February 2011 Three seat sofa (with three seat belts - for a total of nine seats with belts) February 2011
The exit/entry complete with a large fire extinguisher

81st month (March 2011)

This month Peter started working on the ceiling frame work.

March 2011 Work on ceiling frame has resumed

March 2011 We are flattening the curved roof to have a flat ceiling with space to run wires, etc...

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