82nd month (April 2011)

This month Peter continued on the ceiling frame and played with the lights.

April 2011 Side frame for ceiling
April 2011 Most of the ceiling frame is complete
April 2011 Testing with a white sheet April 2011 and some LED lights
April 2011 The lights go in the step
April 2011
It will look really good when it is done

83rd month (May 2011)

This month Peter painted window frames.

May 2011 Trying a test piece of white gloss ply May 2011 All window frames painted black on the inside.
May 2011
Trying the wall to ceiling interface
May 2011
Not much space it lost this way.
May 2011 Still trying a few things before committing May 2011 Another lights test

84th month (June 2011)

This month Peter started sheeting the inside.

June 2011 The first lot of sheeting is up. This is around and behind the sofa. June 2011 It looks very nice

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