25th month (July 2006)


We did not expect it to take this long... But we will have a MUCH better motorhome when finished.

This month we continue with the front frame.

month 25
We are pushing forward
month 25 First the 'B' pillars
month 25
And the floor needs to be fixed/made too
month 25
The fuel filler had to be moved down.
month 25

The front part of the original floor slopes
month 25 We made a frame to level the main motorhome floor
month 25
Shopping for seats... driver
month 25
and the passengers
month 25 Then we worked on the front floor. We needed to lower part of the floor for the floor mounted seats. month 25

The old frame was removed and the new frame started.
month 25 The frame work for the front floor month 25 The view from the top

26th month (August 2006)

In this month we continue to work on the front frame.

This month we had to look for and buy our seats. This was so that we can make the mounts for the seats.

month 26 The original seat month 26
We like the new seats better  ;-)
month 26 First we bought the passenger seats (2x doubles) month 26

Here is a close-up of the fabric.
month 26
Next we bought the driver and co-friver seats.
month 26 These are the bostrom wide-ride air ride seats.
month 26 Lastly we bought the sofa/bed. (three seater) month 26

It folds down to a double bed (2m x 1.4m)
month 26

All the seats together.
month 26 Plenty to look at for the six front positions which are looking out of the huge front windscreen.
month 26
Peter bent some 0.8mm thick sheet to
month 26
seal around the front step.
month 26 And the work begins to make the seat mounts.

27th month (September 2006)

This month we finished the seat mountings and worked around the fuel tank area.

month 27
We completed the double seat frame
month 27
Here is where the driver seat goes.
month 27
We then drilled the holes and...
month 27
welded the nuts on.
month 27
All of the seats line-up nicely
month 27
And from behind.
month 27

We then started work in the bin area.
month 27 We removed the fuel tank cover and surprise more rust.
month 27
While we were here, we drained the tank and replaced the PVC fuel gauge hose.
month 27 Peter made the fuel filler 50mm to 75mm converter.
month 27 This is the old aisle that we need to seal. month 27 Like this.

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