28th month (October 2006)

We start working on the front frame (the actual front of the motorhome).

The time consuming task this month was rolling the beams. Next month we need to make another three beams.

Front frame
We start rolling
Front frame
our first front beam.
Front frame First beam Front frame Weeks later the second beam
Front frame We added the 'A' pillars to the jigsaw puzzle Front frame
And the fibreglass header

29th month (November 2006)

By the end of this month we aim to have all the required beams for the front and hopefully welded them all together as one frame.

Front frame

After having rolled all of the required beams.
Front frame We put all of the pieces together for one final test fit.
Front frame And so the front frame building Front frame started in earnest.
Front frame

First the side was reconstructed
Front frame and at long last the 'A' pillars welded on! (This was the most difficult part of the front frame)
Front frame Peter made gusset plates Front frame
and welded them on.
Front frame
The side (at the top) joined the front
Front frame
The 'B' pillar roof bow went on.
Front frame
The roof bows are joined
Next month is a short month as Peter is on two weeks holiday.

30th month (December 2006)

This month was only two weeks long (due to two weeks holiday)

During this month we continued on the front frame and moved into a new shed. 

30th month
Building the frame
30th month
and more
30th month
30th month
Side view
30th month Repaired the rust in the tank cover 30th month and resealed the tank cover plate.
30th month
The front opening is gone.
30th month Continued on the front floor frame
30th month Frame almost finished 30th month New floor board
30th month Getting ready to move the motorhome 30th month
A glimpse of the finished product
30th month The new shed of Custom Motorhomes! 30th month The frame is almost complete
30th month 30th month

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