19th month (January 2006)

Starting from this month, Peter is working full Wednesdays on the motorhome.

Now that the motorohome is facing the front, we can work on finishing the other side (the driver side).

month 19 Finished the side (before) month 19 After
month 19 Before we started panelling. month 19 Each panel is like a pan (folded edges).
month 19 This panelling work is made possible with this sheet bender. month 19

Next this area at the front needs fixing.
month 19 Removed rusted beams and cleaned remaining beams. month 19

Rust repair finished.
month 19 Before month 19 After
month 19
month 19
month 19
Our new welder. The unit at the top has the welding wire and is connected to the main unit via a 10 meter cable.
We planned to work on the front frame, but a tool we need is not finished yet.

So we turned the Motorhome around and started sheeting the rear frame.

First the engine box/bay (firewall).

month 19 The first panel in place. month 19 The second panel
month 19 We removed the air filter month 19 Time to repair and clean this area

20th month (February 2006)

This month we continue panelling (sheeting) the rear.

month 20 Our new toy of the month. A plasma cutter. <Plasma cutting action shot here>
month 20 We removed the air filter mounts month 20 The old sheeting removed
month 20 The frame repaired month 20 The new sheet cut, bent, and fitted.
month 20
Before (from another angle)
month 20
month 20 Engine box (before) month 20 After
month 20 month 20
month 20
Finishing the rear corners
month 20
month 20
Corner frame finished
month 20
month 20 Here we used Sikaflex 212FC to seal... month 20 around the frame.
month 20 Test plates to determine if the adhesive is strong enough. month 20 The rear. The sheet at the top is only there for a fit.
month 20 Sanjeev... month 20 and Manjunath visited the shed

21st month (March 2006)

Sheeting is going strong this month.

month 21 The inside sheet held by many clamps month 21 The plates pulled off for the test. See FAQ
month 21
The sheets we glued
month 21
and the other side
month 21 Most of the floor is in, but not glued down. month 21
We drew a floor plan. See plans
month 21 The special insulation we used around the engine bay. This ceramic blanket can handle temperatures to 1260C month 21

Started to fill the 50mm high frame work.
month 21 Done month 21 All filled. Not much left over.
month 21

Then we glued 1.2mm thick sheets all around the engine box.
month 21 Always think about engine fires. They can happen! This box should give us enough time to escape the motorhome.
month 21 Last little panels month 21 and this part is finished.

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