Project Year 2 in Review

It is hard to believe that we have been working on this project for two years already. Before we started (or is that, before we found the rust) we thought it would take us 9 months.

Our plans has changed a lot since then. The project is no longer a quick, but nice, conversion. Now it is a monster of a project and at the end we'll have a super motorhome.

If you haven't seen the first year review page, look there first.


July 2005

Joined rear frame to motorhome.

second year

September 2005

Started and finished the battery area.

second year


second year


May 2006

Fitted the centre door and made the stairs.

second year

The door!

second year

And the stairs.

June 2006

Glued the floor boards down. Except for the front.

second year

The floor boards. That's one flat floor.

second year

Also in June 2006 we finished the rear frame, and all of the frame except for the front frame.

Even though it doesn't seem like it, we did a lot of work this year.

9 July Working on Front Frame

second year

A bit of work remaining to do here.