16th month (October 2005)

month 16 Started fixing the roof month 16 Placed the window frames and side supports
month 16
Centre door opening
month 16 Inside
month 16 Seemed like a good idea at the time. month 16 Finished fixing the roof
month 16
Starting to work on the front
month 16
Door frame
month 16
Continuing on the rear frame to finish it.

17th month (November 2005)

This month we finish most of the rear frame work. We drove the motorhome out and turned it around to start working on the front frame.

We cut away most of the front frame.

month 17
month 17 Inside...
month 17 Not much of a gap between shed door and motorhome roof. And the tyres are flat! month 17 Time to move the motorhome out and turn it around to start working on the front.
month 17 See all the blue at the rear? All new. month 17 The front is still missing something.
month 17
And it is back in its little home.
month 17 Just after we started to strip the front.
month 17 Still stripping the front... month 17 Done? Not yet, but lets stop here.
month 17 Umm, not much left. And we found more rust to repair! month 17 But lets look what the new front header looks like. Nice... All we need now is the frame.

18th month (December 2005)

We took the motohome out of the shed and cleaned it with a high pressure water cleaner.

month 18 month 18
month 18 Before... month 18 After...
month 18 Peter started to work on this side. month 18 Working from the back to the front.
month 18 Repaired the corner. month 18

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