Tenth month (April 2005)

We raised the roof this month.

month 10 The first cut for raising the roof.  :-) month 10 The supports.
month 10 Going up... month 10
Zac trying to reach the ceiling.
month 10 before... month 10 after
month 10
Checking window sizes.

Eleventh month (May 2005)

This month we start on rebuilding the rear frame.

month 11
Step 1, make the rear frame.
month 11
Step 2, hoist the frame with fibreglass.
month 11
Need to 'grow' the sides toward the rear.
month 11
Inside view.
month 11
End-of-month side view
month 11
End-of-month inside view

Twelfth month (June 2005)

This month we continued to work on the rear/side frame.

month 12 The floor area is ready for the 'engine box' month 12 And here it is.
month 12

The floor (frame) is completely painted.
month 12 Part of the floor is in at the rear. This is a place that has not existed before the remodelling.

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