Seventh month (January 2005)

We hope to have finished the side rust repairs at the end of this month

Mostly finished side rust repairs... Enough to continue with raising the roof and fitting the fibreglass headers.

month 7
The last of the old fibreglass is gone.
month 7
And the headlights, bull bar and bumper bar
month 7
The bin area is nice and clean
month 7
The floor frame is painted for the new floor

Eight month (February 2005)

We hope to be ready for the new front and rear fibreglass headers at the end of this month

We have received the front and rear fibreglass headers. Now we can continue with fitting the front and rear headers, but first we'll need to raise the roof.

In order to raise the roof we need a floor. This month we worked on placing the floor.

month 8 First we made a stand. It has a two levels. At 1 meter and at almost 2 meters off the ground. month 8

The first four floor boards are in place. Later we will glue (Sikaflex) them down.
month 8
Rear fibreglass header...
month 8
It goes here.    :-)
month 8
Front fibreglass header...
month 8
And it goes here.
month 8 Eight months into the project. We are ready  to raise the roof, reshape the front and rear to fit the fibreglass headers. 

Ninth month (March 2005)

This was an interesting month. We removed the rear-end frame of the motorhome!

Peter cleaned and painted the roof (inside and out)

month 9
Now you see it....
month 9
and now you don't.
month 9 Cleaned and painted the ceiling month 9 The roof before.
month 9 and after it is cleaned and painted. month 9 The motorhome is ready for the next phase...

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