Fourth month (October 2004)

We are looking for a shed in earnest. We finally found a shed and work on the motorhome resumes in earnest.

month 4 We have this project wrapped up. :-) month 4 We found our shed!
month 4
Its a tight squeeze, but it fits.
month 4 Rear fibreglass header removed
month 4 All side windows out and frame checked for rust, cleaned and painted. month 4
We turned the motorhome around to start work on the other side.
month 4 We removed all windows on this side, too. month 4 Our first rust repair on this side

Fifth month (November 2004)

We continue with the rust repair. So much for our trip to Townsville! :-

We did not expect this much rust or this much work. BUT we will now have a motorhome that has a raised roof and centre door. AND we know that all of the rust has been removed and repaired. Once the front and roof skins comes off we will see all of the structure.

month 5

We have painted where there is no rust. The rest needs to be repaired.
month 5 We removed the floor sheets (pans) and the rusted beams all the way back to the chassis. We repaired it with new steel and painted it.
month 5 This is the outside.
Still not painted with red oxide.
month 5

Now it is. (Painted with red oxide)

Sixth month (December 2004)

Wow last month of the year. It has just flown by. And we this is the sixth month of the project. At the end of this month we have worked six months on this project. Most of that on rust repair. Total unexpected!  :-(

month 6 Bye Bye seats! No body wanted them. month 6
Other side of front wheel
month 6
All new steel here.  Makes us happy.
month 6
And painted
month 6 Rear wheel time. month 6 New steel, from rear wheels to front wheels.
month 6
Going, going...
month 6
month 6
Roof skin removed, too.
month 6 One naked motorhome.

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