We bought the coach on Friday, 7 July 2004. We drove it home on Sunday, 9 July 2004.

First month (July 2004)

The beginning was exciting. Peter, foolishly, thought with both Zac and him working on this they would finish this project in 9-12 months. At the very least for Peter and his family to take it for a trip to Townsville in November 2004. Even though it would not have been completely finished. Just have it ready mechanically and throw in some beds, a port-a-potty, and some other very basic items.


month 1 Coach sitting in the previous owner's paddock month 1 Coach in our front yard!
month 1 Inside view before we started stripping it. month 1 and stripped bear
month 1 First spot of hidden rust! The start of much... month 1 Moved coach to 'back yard'
month 1 Air conditioner removed month 1 Side stretch panel removed
month 1 Found lots and lots of RUST! month 1 First bit of paint

Second month (August 2004)

Shock horror, we found much more rust than we expected. We had to remove the side stretch panels. We had not planned for this.

month 2 We high pressure cleaned the motorhome month 2 Our first rust repair. Nice new steel!
month 2 We found rust in the corner. So, we now have a centre door! month 2 Found rot in floor. Out it came!

Third month (September 2004)

We continued with rust repair and painting. The back neighbour started to complain about the noise, summer is starting with the hot and rainy weather, and working on grass is just no fun. So, we started to look for a BIG shed to park the motorhome. Work slowed down to a crawl.

month 3
This side is almost done.
month 3

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