FOR SALE - Feature List

Here is the list of what went into the motorhome. Remember most of the costs listed is for parts only and does not include my labour.

Base vehicle: Domino Tourmaster (DC-122). 6 speed spicer gear box, 8V71 GM engine. (The rust came for free ;-)


Complete frame rebuilt. With roof raise (300mm) and moved front door to centre. Front and rear new shape for current style headers.

Cost: ~$50,000

Rock wool insulation around engine bay.

cost: ~$150

2x air ride front seats, 2x2 seats (send row), and sofa bed 3 seat.

All with seatbelts for 9 people.

cost: $4,636.35

New fibreglass panels. Front, rear headers, roof panel (one piece), and side panels.

cost: $9,318.04

Sika products to glue the panels, headers, floor, etc...

Cost: $1,773.68

New floorboards (flat floor). 19mm formboard ply. Completely sealed with Sikaflex.

Cost: $791.10

New multi-volt LED external lights. New head lights, etc...

LEDs are mostly from Hella. Top quality.

Cost: $3,520.38

3x roof hatches. 2x medium size and one large. Complete with sliver sided block-out blind and fly screen.

Cost: Included below with windows

Many widows. For plenty of light and air flow. All windows are double glazed and have silver sided block-out blinds and fly screens.

Cost: $5,762.16

Fully insulated with polystyrene. 50mm in walls and 40mm in roof.

Cost: ~$500

Underfloor insulation. Where possible there is polystyrene insulation under the floor.

This image shows the front frame to level the floor as it normally slopes down towards the front.

Cost: Included in cost above.

New front (and side) bonded windscreens and side ports. (And window blinds)

Fitted by Windscreens O'Brien.

Cost: $3,299.95

New heavy duty starter batteries and cables.

Cost: ~$650

New aluminium skin for engine doors. (Rear door and two side doors). Plus other hardware to make/repair doors.

Cost: $759.05

Bin doors frames repaired and re-skinned with fiberglass outside and galvanised sheets inside.

Hung with new hinges.

Cost: $925

New front door lock.

Cost: ~$100

Thermal paint on roof.

Cost: ~$350

Motorhome hydraulic levelling system. Fully automatic with manual override. Heavy duty.

Cost: ~$7,000

New 24V heavy duty wiper and washer system. 5 litre tank.

Control has variable intermittent, normal and high speed with auto-park.

Cost: $1,616.90

All wheel arches cleaned and re-sprayed.

All new air-bags for suspension.

New flaps to protect air bag and all new mud flaps.

New air filters and pre-cleaner.

Cost: $2,196.59

Bin area cleaned and re-sprayed.

Cost: ~$200

2x Steel frame dinette seats with under seat storage.

Cost: ~$600

After many years of hard work.

Misc bits and pieces, and other expenses. Such as tools, consumables, labour costs we paid to others, etc...

Cost: ~$35,000

Queensland registered as motorhome complete with blue modification plate.

Currently not registered.

Dreams and fantasies.

Cost: Priceless

See the history pages for the full build history. It is a quality project.

If you are interested make us an offer.