94th month (April 2012)

This month Peter mounted the outside lights.

April 2012 mammothmotorhome.com
A 'small' 24W Five meter 300 LED light.
April 2012 mammothmotorhome.com A large 72W Five meter 300 LED light.
April 2012 mammothmotorhome.com The big light lights up the entire backyard. April 2012 mammothmotorhome.com
The light bar during the day.

95th month (May 2012)

Peter did some maintenance of the motorhome and planned what to do next for the ceiling.

In the meantime here are some photos of the inside. (As a reminder)

May 2012 mammothmotorhome.com
Still much the same, except for the white walls.

May 2012 mammothmotorhome.com Peter will start the ceiling at the front working back. The front sheet is going to be the most tricky.
May 2012 mammothmotorhome.com
Looks a bit like a construction site.

96th month (June 2012)

Peter finally managed to spend a day on the motorhome. Though looking at what was done it doesn't seem like 8 hours was spent

Some time went into gluing the ceiling frame to the metal work. It was screwed and now glued.

Nonetheless, even the screws by themselves were strong enough for Peter (80+ kg) to hang off one standoff.

The glue is there to stop the frame from shaking itself to pieces. However, there is a reason. The standoffs (along the sides) will also hold the over head storage (cupboards).

June 2012 mammothmotorhome.com
Doesn't look like much was done. This ceiling needs some white sheets.

June 2012 mammothmotorhome.com The roof hatch surround is done now. Notice the white around it? This is the highest level, the centre ceiling panels is the middle level and the sides are lower still.

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