July 2012

This month Peter continued to work on the ceiling.

July 2012 mammothmotorhome.com Two lengths are up on the side ceiling part (driver side) and one length of the centre ceiling. July 2012 mammothmotorhome.com
Between the wall and ceiling is a 140mm high corner piece.

July 2012 mammothmotorhome.com This how all the pieces join. It is difficult to see without 3D, but this is the wall, corner piece and ceiling. July 2012 mammothmotorhome.com
More sheets are up.

July 2012 mammothmotorhome.com
The sheets are 2.4m long. Notice the recessed roof hatch.

July 2012 mammothmotorhome.com This is what the house lights look like. Still requires the diffuser and trim to finish this area. Also requires trim around the roof hatch.

August 2012

No photos this month

September 2012

This month Peter continued work on the ceiling.

September 2012 mammothmotorhome.com
At first Peter made the front side panel level with the rest, but as you can see this interferes with the corner beams. It does not look nice.
September 2012 mammothmotorhome.com However, with the front ceiling panel in place for a test fit, Peter noticed that he could continue the 140mm corner panel. This will hide that beam nicely. Much better. :-)
September 2012 mammothmotorhome.com Peter fitted some 'map reading' lights for the 2x2 seat row. September 2012 mammothmotorhome.com The front ceiling is taking shape. Very slowly, but surely.
September 2012 mammothmotorhome.com Here is a close-up of how the outside lights are mounted. The angle is slightly angled away from the wall. The lights are angled such that the centre line of the lights are about 1.5 to 2 meters away from the motorhome at ground level.

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