April 2015

This month Peter worked on the queen bed at the back of the motorhome.

April 2015 mammothmotorhome.com These are the boards to make the platform for the queen bed. April 2015 mammothmotorhome.com The platform is required for the bed to sit on top of the engine box.
April 2015 mammothmotorhome.com
This is where the bed will sit on top.

April 2015 mammothmotorhome.com There is room under the platform. There will be a door to close this storage space.
April 2015 mammothmotorhome.com Just add a mattress, sheets, pillows, doona, and we can have a nice sleep here. April 2015 mammothmotorhome.com Also, it lifts up (with help of gas lifts) for under (mattress) bed storage.
April 2015 mammothmotorhome.com There is even more storage under the bed. April 2015 mammothmotorhome.com For now it is wrapped up to protect it.
Peter tidied up inside the motorhome. After working on the queen bed it was quite a mess. Time to take some pictures for the web site. Next job the kids triple bunk beds.

May 2015

This month Peter started on the kids bunk beds.

Saturday (2 May 2015) Peter had planned to buy the bunk bed material and start making the kids triple bunk beds. However, Peter's wife, Alison, had a car accident, Friday, on the way to school pick-up. Fortunately Alison and Joel (youngest son) are ok, but the car is most likely a write-off. So the motorhome project will once again have to wait.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those who have suffered loss due to the terrible floods in the Brisbane area on Friday (1 May).
May 2015 mammothmotorhome.com This is like a full size meccano set. Peter cut the lengths to size.
May 2015 mammothmotorhome.com He then assembled it. We tried two spacings. The smaller spacing would have made 4 bunks, but that was a little too tight.

The larger spacing is roomy and allows for 3 bunk beds. We have four kids, so one will need to sleep at the front on the motorhome.
May 2015 mammothmotorhome.com
Here are the three kids bunk beds (1880 by 760mm with about 700mm between each bunk).

Next, Peter will need to get and cut the wood to make the walls, front, and bases of the bunk beds.

June 2015

This month Peter continued on the kids bunk beds.

June 2015 mammothmotorhome.com Middle bunk.

June 2015 mammothmotorhome.com Top bunk. With a single mattress (900x1880). It needs a caravan single mattress (760x1880).
June 2015 mammothmotorhome.com
All three bunks, the bottom is on the floor. This can be converted to storage space if whoever buys this motorhome only require two bunks here.
June 2015 mammothmotorhome.com
The front and back (two side) walls are cut-out.

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