October 2014

No photos this month.

November 2014

Still going with the project as it has not sold, yet.

We finally had some spare cash and bought a queen size bed.

In the mean time, Peter has finally started work on the dash.

November 2014 mammothmotorhome.com Need to make the platform for the queen bed to sit on.

November 2014 mammothmotorhome.com But, first, Peter will make the dash. Finally! Some more boards need to be cut and then covered with some nice grey carpet.

December 2014

This month Peter cleaned the outside.

December 2014 mammothmotorhome.com Notice the white spots? A few weeks ago we had a hail storm. Some of the hail was larger than golf balls. Well, the white spots are where hail hit the roof and 'cleaned' some of the junk.

The motorhome did not suffer any damage, not even a scratch or a dint.
December 2014 mammothmotorhome.com It was a drizzly over-cast day today so we went outside and cleaned the roof. December 2014 mammothmotorhome.com During. (The high pressure water cleaner did a great job.)
December 2014 mammothmotorhome.com After. (The thermal paint that is on the roof also acts as an anti-slip surface. Even when wet the roof was not slippery at all.

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